Anatomist is the brainchild of Andrew Meyerson, an American medical student, photographer, returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and former Arab-Israeli peace activist now based in London, England. Andrew proudly attends one of the oldest medical schools in the world - St. George's of the University of London - home of the world's first appendectomy in 1735, and the alma mater of such giants of medical history as Dr. Henry Gray of Gray's Anatomy, Dr. Edward Jenner - the pioneer behind the world's first vaccine, and Dr. John Hunter – the man who brought the scientific method to the practice of surgery. When he's not studying hard to become an emergency medicine physician, he spends his spare time with his brilliant and beautiful partner Angélica (a future human rights barrister!) and their son - the most adorable cat in the entire world: Don Ricardo Carranza of New York City. Andrew’s also really into Instagram: @andrewmeyerson.

Anatomist was conceived and designed by Andrew Meyerson. The latest app rewrite using Unity 3D was built by the extraordinary Keith Brewer with assistance from Emmanuel Omene. Previous iterations of Anatomist were completed by the excellent Igor Shutrov, Adriel Othman, and Dastan Tashimbetov.

Anatomist is dedicated first and foremost to Andrew's dad, Dr. David Meyerson, who aside from being a great person and the most incredible father a kid could ever have, is also an extraordinary Cardiologist at Johns Hopkins (2015 Consultant of the Year!), national spokesperson for the American Heart Association, and he's also a lawyer and an electrical engineer as well. A HUGE thank you to him and Andrew's stepmom Irma for making this possible and for always believing in our success. Anatomist is also dedicated to Andrew's mom, speech pathologist and master baker Laney Pressman and her late husband, Dr. Norman Pressman. Thank you for your love and support of this project and for teaching Andrew how to give voice to those with traumatic brain injuries. Take Mom’s advice: “Always wear a helmet!” Norman, we'll miss you and we'll forever be grateful for your hospitality, wisdom, and guidance.

To Jed Kirschbaum, the legendary former photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun newspaper (and still an all-around great guy) who served as Andrew's mentor when he was a little intern for them back in 2000, thank you so much for your guidance and support. Jed and his Sun Photo colleagues taught Andrew the critically important art of photojournalism, as well as the photo-editing skills necessary to make Anatomist possible. Take Jed’s advice: “Never steal a photograph and always leave people with their dignity.” Jed, Thelma, and George- a huge thank you for your love and your Old Bay seasoning care packages here in London. To Andrew's future mother-in-law, Esperanza, thank you for your work as a psychologist, for educating him about the psychological needs of children with disabilities and their families, and for raising such an incredible daughter. To Andrew's brother Daniel, thank you for teaching him about the work of first responders and for keeping him in line when you were growing up. He's sorry for ruining your trip to Disney World and for ending your hand-modelling career. Thanks for being such a great big brother. To his big sister Edie, Andrew thanks you for teaching him about the critically important role of palliative care in medicine and for always looking out for him. He's sorry for always making you late and at this point he really hopes you’ve stopped reading this because he'll finally admit it: you invented meatloaf chin. Lastly, Andrew wishes to thank the incredible students and faculty of St. George's Medical School of the University of London. It is an enormous honor to study medicine alongside such a talented and compassionate cohort of future doctors and it makes him so very proud to call George's home. Learn more about St. George’s here:

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Also, the current Anatomist logo is the work of the great medical illustrator Patrick Lynch and this image appears through a creative commons use as well. Importantly, use of these images does not imply that these licensors endorse this project in any way, shape, or form. They do not. Furthermore, as required by the license, a list of specific links to the individual Creative Commons licenses will be furnished upon request, some of the edited images that are subject to the Creative Commons "share alike" license will be posted on Wikipedia in full resolution (in keeping with the requests of the authors), and we must also note that some of these images have been altered from their original format.

While every attempt has been made by the Anatomist team to verify the accuracy of each and every identification within the app, the possibility remains that identification errors were made during the production process that were either completely inadvertent in nature or were the cause of confusion amongst sources. We apologize in advance for any errors made and encourage you to click on the feedback tab to let us know immediately about any errors found. We promise to correct them as quickly as possible. Lastly, Anatomist is purely an educational product and should not be consulted for medical advice by clinicians or patients. Go see your doctor if you're concerned about your health and if you are a doctor, stop diagnosing yourself and make a proper appointment with your own GP.